Highlighting Soft Skills To Get the Job You Want

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Soft skills can be just as critical as technical competencies. Conveying them in your resume, cover letter, and responses to interview questions will surely capture the attention of potential employers. Let's look at our top 12 soft skills and how to illustrate them during a recruitment process. Read more

Resume Cover Letters: The Whys, The Dos, and The Don'ts

Resume Cover Letter
As executive search consultants who review thousands of resumes each year, we can tell you first-hand that taking the time to write a cover letter can help you to make it past the resume screening process and advance to the interview stage. Read more

Looking For a New Job in 2015? Preparation is key.

Preparation is the key for a successful job search. The better you prepare for a career change and the more strategic you are in your efforts, the higher the chances you will find your ideal job. Read more

Position Yourself For A New Career Opportunity

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Helbling search consultants outline their top 3 suggestions for how to position yourself for a new career opportunity. Read more

13 Resume Tips For Landing A New A|E|C Or Facilities Job In 2013

Helbling construction and facilities recruiters outline resume tips for A/E/C and facilities professionals who are seeking a new career opportunity in 2013. Read more