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Vice President of Facilities and Engineering

  • Industry: Facilities Management
  • Location: New York City Metropolitan Area
  • Client: Institution - Healthcare
  • Search ID: 17-1003-08

Helbling is representing Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center in conducting an executive search to attract and secure a Vice President of Facilities & Engineering (VP). The primary purpose of the VP role is to plan, organize, develop, and direct the overall operation of the support departments of the facility including the Engineering, Buildings and Grounds, Security, Safety, Environmental Services, Emergency Preparedness, LEED and Environmental Awareness, and Vehicle Maintenance. The VP provides oversight and support to the organization's White Plains campus (John A. Coleman School and Children’s Rehabilitation Center) in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations governing the facility.

The VP may also be directed by the Chief Executive Officer or the Vice President of Operations to assure that facilities are maintained in a safe and comfortable manner. The role strategically plans for the facility in terms of establishing best practice in operations, customer service, and quality. The VP also develops and maintains internal control mechanisms to assure accountability within the support departments.

Responsibilities include:

  • Plans, develops, organizes, implements, evaluates, and directs the support departments (Environmental Services and Security, Engineering), their programs and activities, and assures they are aligned with the facilities mission and strategic plan.
  • Ensures the proper staffing and budgeting for each department. Oversees recruitment, training, supervision, and evaluation of staff.
  • Ensures policies and procedures are developed to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies.
  • Utilizes expertise to enhance and continually improve services to establish and maintain best practices.
  • Works with architects, engineers, and consultants as needed to procure facility building construction projects as needed.
  • Recognizes and analyzes major contractual obligations within the departments of responsibility.
  • Provides leadership and mentoring to the reporting departments/managers to ensure consistency and to encourage education and pursuit of expertise.
  • Reviews the department's policies, procedure manuals, job descriptions, etc., at least annually for revisions.
  • Interprets the department's policies and procedures to employees, residents, visitors, government agencies, etc.
  • Manages and provides Continuous Quality Improvement to all aspects of facility operations. Establishes quantitative measures to ensure ongoing quality with emphasis being placed on innovative solutions and improvements based on best practices for operational processes.
  • Chairs committees as needed to ensure there is adequate monitoring and participation in all issues related to the environment of care.
  • Other related duties as may become necessary or as directed.
  • Bachelor's Degree in related field to Engineering.
  • Master's Degree preferred.
  • Must have, as a minimum, ten (10) to fifteen (15) years of building management/facility management experience supervising building trades and maintenance workers and contractors in a healthcare setting.
  • Must have at least one of the following: Five (5) years' minimum experience operating and maintaining lithium bromide absorption equipment (250 ton minimum) and related support equipment, or NYC Stationary Engineers License, or NYC Fire Department Refrigeration Machine Operators License.
  • Must have EPA 608 Universal CFC Technician Certification.
  • Must obtain within one year from date of hire from the NYS DEC Category 7G Certification for Cooling Tower Pesticide Application.
  • Must be licensed in accordance with current applicable standards, codes, labor laws, etc.
  • Must be knowledgeable of boilers, compressors, generators, etc., as well as various mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.
  • Must have the ability to read and interpret blueprints.
  • Must be knowledgeable in building codes and Life Safety Codes, rules, and regulations.
  • Experience in: Medical Gas Bulk O2 (Oxygen), Institution Fire Drill Conductor, Fire Alarm Testing & Operation, Air Compressor Operation, Piped Medical Gas Systems, Standpipe Systems with Fire Pump and Gravity Tank, and Sprinkler Systems with Fire Pump and Gravity Tank.

Search Consultants: Lee Grandovic & Luke Schleicher

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